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Wood wool

Wood wool is a natural materiál which comes from planing blocks of softwood, most of the time it is a spruce. We produce it in three different types of roughness – soft, medium, and rough.

Wood wool is mostly used as a packing and fixing materiál. As it looks good, it is used as filling of boxes and wrapping presents. Due to its good insulation features, it is also used in construction work. Moreover, it is put under strawberries, courgettes, cucumbers, and pumpkins as well, as a protection against mildew and rot. It is also popular with pet keepers as bedding for pets.


Wood wool formed into wooden cords is used as filling in between beams of log cabins as well as for production of firelighters.


Features of wood wool:

·       100% natural product

·       Suitable for people suffering from allergies

·       Good insulation features

·       Flexibility and high absorbing abilities

·       Ecological and biodegradable material

·       Anti-static material